• Wonderful accessories to wear, which treasure the charm of the ancient handicraft tradition!

The mystery of the sea is a precious jewel.

A rare, mysterious, intense red gem shines through the backdrop of our Mediterranean Sea.

Its workmanship is an ancient and laborious art, handed down secretly to craftsmen’s families. And to this day with the same techniques from the past, we have been transforming the magic of the sea into refined, precious and exclusive jewels.

Unique and inimitable accessories

Thanks to its beauty and peculiarity, coral has enchanted whole populations since ancient times. Moreover, many renewed characters wished to wear it because of its magical and curative virtues.

Choosing a coral jewel means wearing a unique and unrepeatable jewel that no one else can have. The variety of shades, the tonality of individual gems, the natural shape and craftsmanship diversify every jewel from one another. Therefore, a bracelet, a necklace, a ring or a natural coral earrings will never be identical to the other.

Choosing a jewel of coral created by our skilled craftsmen means wearing a masterpiece of priceless artistic value as for its precious gem as for the beautiful creations. It’s indeed a touch of charm, elegance and originality.

The ideal gift for a special person!

We choose for our customers, only the jewels created by the hands of artisans and engravers. They shape the red gold, according to the old tradition and are appreciated all over the world for the refinement of the finishing touch and the high quality of the manufacture.

Following fashion trends with an incomparable creativity is possibile with our jewels. In the summertime or in the wintertime, you can combine them with any kind of dress, beautifying it with brightness, mystery and freshness.

The satisfaction of our customers is fundamental for us. We share with them, a bond of total trust and cordiality, based on continuous assistance even after the time of purchase, fast and free delivery.

The jewel that shapes your personality.

Centenary experience as a guarantee of excellence

Beware: fake coral objects are often sold on the market, which are made of artificial materials and completely worthless. But as we live the cult of this precious gift from the sea, with generations of coral makers from the past, we simply cannot accept the fake coral sale.

Today, notwithstanding the new technologies and low quality materials, we are still choosing the old techniques and selecting only the most prestigious branches. Our jewelry is appreciated all over the world for the refinement of the trim and the high quality of the manufacturing that guarantee eternal beauty to our products.

This detail makes the real difference. We are always available to give you advice on the most suitable jewelry, ensuring a constant customer service even after years from the purchase, fast shipping and free returned goods.

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