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Miracles that transform nature

into wonderful accessories


We have been present in Sorrento since 1978 but the roots of our family bring us back to the land of coral: Torre del Greco. Here, at the beginning of the 20th century, our great-grandfather, Commendatore Vincenzo Piscopo, a tireless and brilliant industrialist as well as a son of to restore the original color to yellowed and "'ncuttati" corals), he founded the PERMANENT EXHIBITION of Coral.

The figure of our great-grandfather now belongs to the history of coral and is inseparable from it.
As the family memory remembers and the local chronicles of the time report, to the "commendatore", as he was familiarly called, we owe the enhancement of the now famous Coral "Skin of Angel", as well as the creation of innovative forms, which have now become a classic , such as the rose and the combination of coral with diamonds.
From so much tradition, which came to us through the experience of grandfather Antonio and dad Vincenzo, we have reached the fifth generation and with the same love and dedication today we choose our collections by selecting the most beautiful and precious objects for you.


Our roots have always been intertwined with the depths of the sea and its mysterious coral, bringing us back to that land that was and continues to be the fulcrum of its work: Torre del Greco. The charm of this wonderful gem had already bewitched our great-grandfather, Commendatore Vincenzo Piscopo. Tireless and brilliant merchant, as well as a son of art, his mastery in making coral objects and jewels of unparalleled beauty was recognized by all, so much so as to arouse the envy of jewelers and the respect of the people. He was responsible for the enhancement of the now famous “Angel Skin” Coral, as well as the creation of innovative shapes, which have now become a classic, such as the rose and the combination of coral with diamonds. And it was he who, in the early 1900s, decided to give Torre del Greco the right resonance and founded the PERMANENT EXHIBITION del Corallo there, whose extraordinary feat and his pride are also mentioned in the book "FRANCESCA E NUNZIATA" by Maria Orsini Natale.


 "Francesca e Nunziata" 

di Maria Orsini Natale

[...] All the way you could see the baskets full of coral branches still scented with the sea and banquets with the women and men sitting by the door of the house to handle with dexterity pincers and burins, outdoors, in the open, pretending to have no secrets. That day she and her son had an appointment with Don Vincenzo Piscopo friend and "master coral".

[…] Every time Donna Francesca gave birth she sent her the crushed red coral in a porphyry mortar, so that the mother, by ingesting the powder in a cordial, would strengthen her milk, as Mariuccia had told her. Don Vincenzo, brilliant and lively, had trades that he, a Gascon and good-natured, already flaunted at that time lucky. And they were.

He was a fan of Japanese coral. Enchanted by some of his pale pinks, he had bought it, traded it and successfully imposed it on a market still tied to the vermilion color of the Mediterranean one.

In the meeting, Nunziata recalled, with the offer of the correct coffee Don Vincenzino delighted in telling the coral flowers he created of roses so delicate in the petals, so disputed by the most famous jewelers and that were pinned on the breasts of queens and princesses.

[…] Before, however, deviating for another road, he had boasted of another initiative of his showing the foundations of a new building. The building, he explained, would house his new factory as well as a permanent exhibition of his artifacts.

The coral that he fashioned, apart from that exported outside Italy, was sold in Florence, Venice, Rome and Naples and not where it was worked. And in the meantime, all the rich foreigners who went to Pompeii, Sorrento and Amalfi passed through their very pleasant territory. Why not stop them with a Permanent Exhibition and give those leisure travelers to buy the coral souvenir directly in Torre del Greco where it was produced? At the same time they could have ahead of their eyes all the stages of processing and the skill of the craftsmen.


Today as then

The Piscopo family guards and dominates all the secrets of this highly prized product of nature, which have been handed down to us from father to son by Commendatore Vincenzo Piscopo.

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